It's always been our mission to help you reach, grow, and wow your customers through great print.


Our Story

The year was 1981, and our founders, Kent and Dawn Buescher, were growing their local marketing agency. Having started his first business at the age of 11, Kent had a true passion for entrepreneurship, so he and his wife, Dawn, spent the first few years of their marriage building Buescher Communications, a company that helped other entrepreneurs develop and spread their message. A key element of helping entrepreneurs was providing them with the right marketing tools—namely direct mail, postcards, brochures, and catalogs. To do that, Kent and Dawn needed a good commercial printer. The problem? They couldn’t find one. Some printers offered affordable prices but poor or inconsistent quality, while others offered good quality but steep prices and slow turnaround times. There was no perfect solution for the aspiring young couple. “Well, if you’re not happy with what we’ve got, then why don’t you just go and print it yourself?” one print shop owner told Kent and Dawn. So they did.


Founders Kent and Dawn Buescher, 1981


Humble beginnings at our Park Avenue location, early 1980s